Wednesday, August 04, 2021
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How to Use the Slide Show

This slideshow is different from the previous picture gallery we were using.  Some people have asked how to enlarge the pictures and stop the slideshow.  

The slideshow starts automatically when you click on the link or menu item.

In the slideshow, the pictures are in the "enlarged" state (they are as big as they will get).


To stop the slide show on any picture, click on "stop slideshow" at the lower right of the picture.

To view the slides at your own speed, stop the slideshow (see above). Then to move to the next image, click the right edge of the current slide and it will move to the next slide.  (Click on the left side and it will go back to the previous slide).

To view the pictures in a gallery instead of a slide show, click anywhere in the black area of the screen (not on the picture) and the gallery will appear.

To start the slideshow again, click on any picture.